Monday, 13 October 2014

EXO's Lu Han withdrawal from EXO

Hiiii guys...long time no see..
I've been so busy..and the trial has ended..My results..
I just want to forget it..

I'm here today cause its been few days...i guess..since EXO's Lu Han news to withdraw from EXO has been spread.
Its really a shocking news cause i didn't expect someone to go out from EXO or SM after Kris..but i think that Lu Han's withdraw is not hurtful than Kris.And i think the fans can take the news calmly as they have experienced Kris's case.
I really hope that good news will come after that.Furthermore,i just read news aboput Lee Joon and Thunder(CheonDoong) from MBLAQ..they planning to withdraw from MBLAQ.Lee Joon and Thunder are discussing about it with their agency..
Reasons why they want to withdraw is Lee Joon's contract end soon and he didn't plan to renew it.He want to continue his career as actor since he likes it.While Thunder,he want to be a solo singer,sings the songs he compose..
Well..i think they did that cause they want to do their own thing.Like Kris,he wants to act and he didn't get chance to did that as SM doesn't allow that.When he out from EXO,he get the chance to act..IN A MOVIES..for the first time he acts and i know he loves it..
I really wish that they all can live a good life and didn't regret what they do..i'll always root forthem..

Ok to go..
Feel free to comment down below..

Friday, 12 September 2014


Hiiii guys...long time no see you guys..
Waaa....its been a long time since the last update..
Well,blame the trial and the high expectation of teacher.
We worked really hard..except me...
I didn't take the trial serious... guys already know about EunBi and RiSe right...
Its a shocked news and felt sympathy for Ladies Code and their fans..
At first i was speechless cause they so young and they just debut,just show the world their talents..
I not a fan of LC but i like some of their song like Pretty Pretty..

From what i heard and read,the back wheel of the van comes off and the van was spinning on middle of the road.then it crashed to the wall.i've seen the picture of the van after the accident.the condition is like something big and heavy crushed on it..they also said that EunBi didn't wear seatbelt that time and that causing her sudden death..also,a rumor that i read..the accident is plotted by sasaeng fan..and the sasaeng fan planned to kill SeHun on 2015..i read it i really really hope that nothing bad happen to them..

Ok guys..need to go..
I know it ia a short update..but better than nothing right..
So yeah..fell free to comment down below. more thing..
May God bless you two...BFF do exist..
Annyeong guys...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ranting on Infinite Back MV

Hi guys..
We meet again...
This is a short update..but that's okay.Holiday will coming soon..YEAY...

On this post,I'll rant about Infinite new MV,Back..
In this MV,Infinite boys were fighting with a gang for their girl..
This remind me of Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers scene where Jun Pyo saved Jan Di when she was kidnapped by Jae Ha.
Jun Pyo take all the punches and kicks that were throw to him for saving Jan Di.Its kinda same with the MV but what's different is the girl didn't do anything.Just struggling from the thugs holding while Jan Di save Jun Pyo from being throw with a wooden chair...
I'm not hating the girl for not doing anything to help Infinite boys but it just weird..
I don't know why that be an issue..maybe I was rewatching BOF while watching the MV..

Anyways,Block B comeback is coming soon..WOOOHOOO...
I'm not a big fan of them.Just feeling so excited about it...

Ok..this is the  Infinite Back MV
credit to:wooliment

Oh,I was told that Disney copy Infinite song title Come Back Again..Disney song title is Violetta 3 CD "Gira mi cancion 10"-queen of the dance floor
In order to help Woolim Ent and Infinite,please comment about the plagiarism and spread about it..

Ok guys,time to go..
Feel free to comment down below.. ^_^
Annyeong guys..until we meet again..and Selamat Hari Raya..

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Posting after idk..a few months...Ramadhan is here,EID is coming..WOOOHOOO...

Hiiiiii guuuuuyyysssss...
Long time no see..I miss u guys..
I've been busy all this times and have no time to update..
Furthermore,my trials is coming and I have to work my ass out for it...
Wish me goodlucks guys ^_^

Anyway,since I don't update a long time,I got many activities at school..
Last week,I went to Taylors College.Theres Add Math and Chemistry workshop.Its fun..although I didn't understand wholefully what the lecturer spoke... album didn't arrive yet.
The owner shop said she didn't get news from the supplier regarding the album but she post that she'll order the albums from the other supplier..
Hopefully my album will arrive within next month.. to go..
I need to be a responsible child..means that I'm going to help my mother.
You guys should help too..
Ooohhh...for the Muslims..Happy fasting month..
I know its late already but still,I want to wish it..
And..happy advance eid..
In case I can't wish it on times..cause my trials is after eid holidays...

Ok guys..bye..
If I got some time,I'll write again..
Sorry for not writing about kpop stuff..
Annyeong guys..

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

B.A.P 어디니 뭐하니 & Beast No More

Annyeong guys..
Long time no see..

Ok..I already know that I'm late for this but what can I do..
Finally B.A.P 어디니 뭐하니 MV has released..yeay..
Yeah yeah,I know I'm late.
Its because I was spending my time last week at my grandma house.
Theres computer there but it already broken.
So,I can't update for the whole week plus events that I'm attending..such a busy week..

And Beast just released No More MV..
Its awesome and I think the lyrics are ok..since I've not see the lyrics yet..

Sooo,here those MVs..

B.A.P 어디니 뭐하니
credit to:TSENT2008

Beast No More
credit to:BEAST 비스트(Official Youtube Channel)

Sigh..can they be more cute?
Haha..just kidding..

Ok guy,need to go..
Feel free to comment.
Annyeong ^_^

Friday, 30 May 2014

B.A.P Unplugged 2014/Promoting Giveaway..Again

Hi peeps..
Finally I'm having my school break..for 19 days..
But having school holidays doesn't mean i'm free fully.
We still have homeworks sad..
But meh..homework can wait.

Ok..I'm excited..OHMYGOSH...I'M FREAKING EXCITED...!!!!
AAAAAAA..their teaser is cute and their concept is just adorable.
Its like Crash+Stop It..
I just ordered and pay for it..
Now waiting for their MV and mini album to released..

Ok..I've told you before that I ordered First Sensibility.
and it has arrived safely last week..
I got Jong Up's photocard..
Sorry I can't show you guys the picture..
I've got it taken but I deleted it..
I've plan to unboxing it but since I've been busy with exams and school thing,I forgot about it..
But no worries,next time I get my B.A.P Unplugged 2014,I'll show it to you guys..

Once again I'm promoting the giveaway that I've entered..
I don't remember though the giveaway name but you guys can find it in my older posts.Not older,older posts..
My post before this post.. to go.
Feel free to comment down below..
Oh..I inserted B.A.P Unplugged 2014 teaser.
The title is 어디니?뭐하니? meaning Where Are You?What Are You Doing?
You'll be spazzing over them.They're so cute right here..
Annyeong guys..  ^_^

credit to:TSENT2008

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Promoting Giveaway

Hi guys..

Previous post is about Infinite Giveaway hold by Fiqa NSZ..
and today I want to promote just have go to my blog and click this title:

Infinite Last Romeo Giveaway by Fiqa Nsz

then,on the post it have the link to go to the giveaway page.just click it and there..
the winner is count based on which blog has top referal..
I hope I can win cause I never win a giveaway..I really want the album but you know what is my currently status right..'STUDENT'.
sooo..yeah.I really hope I can win.
if not then its okay..

ohh..I just found out this today..
I was watching tv then it show a mv.but I don't know whose mv it is and the title song..
sooo,I waited until the song finish and the title appeared..
I google up his song and it was sweet and at the same time sad.
the song is about he/she left his couples and his/her miss and try to searching he/she but apparently,he/she is gone.whether 'gone' died or 'gone' to somewhere else..
the song is amazing and I'm addict to it..
the title is A Song For You..

here is the mv:
credit to:United CUBE

Okay peeps..bye
Annyeong guys..

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Infinite Last Romeo Giveaway by Fiqa Nsz

Infinite Last Romeo Giveaway by Fiqa Nsz
KLIK BANNER untuk menyertai giveaway ini!

Special Thanks to:
Para sponsor giveaway ini iaitu Mr. Cupid, Anis Nadzirah, NARA Kpop Online Shop, Karimah Zulkafali, Aliatul Aiman dan Keyranazleen. Giveaway ini dianjurkan oleh Fiqa Nsz

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk merebut hadiah menarik yang ditawarkan!
Top Refferal bakal membawa pulang hadiah album Infinite Last Romeo [official original album],
Cabutan bertuah pula mencari seramai sembilan pemenang untuk merebut hadiah seperti MP3 shuffle, Infinite Replica Jersey, Notebook, Infinite Key Holder dan topup!

Giveaway ini berlansung selama sebulan iaitu dari 15 May sehingga 15 Jun 2014.
Jom sertai sekarang sebelum terlambat!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

6+6=1, 12-1=0..

Hi guys..

I'm feeling down for the past few days..

I bet you know about Kris situation right?
It such a heartbreaking news which made EXOstans,known as 'rude fandom' break into tear..
I'm typing this while listening to EXO Don't Go..
Kris..가지마..떠나지 말아.You know right fans are feeling sad..
I don't want to be a selfish human but EXO is nothing without you Kris.
You are our Dragon,Duizhang and Galaxy leader..
We are one right?

But,what can I do?
Kris has his right to made his decision.
Afterall,he deserved to go after what SM do to Kris..

Nevermind Kris..You still have our back.We support you Kris.No,its Wu Yi Fan from onward.



Friday, 9 May 2014

Overdose Has Released

Hi guysss..
I'm updating a short post cause I have exams to revise..

Its freaking awesome..

Ok guys..cause this is a short update,i'll just put the videos here..
Enjoy ^_^
Feel free to comment..
Annyeong guys..

EXO-M Overdose MV
credit to:SMTOWN

EXO-K Overdose MV
credit to:SMTOWN

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Memories Are IMPORTANT

Hi guys..
I'm updating..again..

You know,when I have time to update,I'll update..
That time I'm free without homework,school stuff..
Being 17 years old kid is suffer..
If you're Malaysian,you'll know what 17 years old kid taking at the end of the year..

Actually,I don't know what topic that I can talk tonight(updating at night)..

Ohh..I want to share my life with you guys..
I have a very short memory term..Its like you told me something,5 minutes later I'll forgot about it.Thats my biggest problem..Sometimes I can forget important things like send document..
And because of the short memory term,I forgot my childhood..
So,i'll start with my elementary school..
No wait,i'll start with my kindergarten moment..
its short.i just remember a bit from all of the kindergarten memory..

I entered kindergarten at age 6 along with my brother.he's 5..
all the time at the kindergarten,i sticked to my brother because
1)we don't know the kids there
2)we don't know how to make friend.apparently,from kindergarten to now(last year at secondary school)i'm a shy person..
then,almost i think 1-3 months at kindergarten,a boy greeted me at brekfast time or lunch time.i don't remember but we were eating that time.all(i think) kids ate the food that the teacher gave.i'm eating bread that my mom gave me.suddenly the teacher scold someone.i thought the teacher scold me for not eating food that they gave.then i cried..yes i cried.the boy(his name is Syazman.he has a twin.sometimes i confused between them) beside me asked 'why are you crying?' 'are you afraid of the teacher?'.i nodded.its true that i afraid.shes freaking yelling at the kids.thats why i'm shocked.after that moment,i became friend with them(plus Syazman twin).

i friended with them until elementary school.the truth is,from age 7-9,most of my friends is boy.maybe i was like a boy.short hair(boy haircut.reason is i cannot stand with long hair.i feels like some one touching my neck when the hair is around my neck)and with some boy attitude.i know,that is not feminine and whatsoever.but what do you expect from the girl that grow up with little brother and i have a lot of boy cousins.thats why.even my mom is speechless.nevertheless she still loves me.
soo,the boys became my bestfriends until we are 9 years old.why until 9 years old?reason is theres a new building behind my house area.turn out,it was a elementary,my parents decided to transfered me and my brother to the new school.its because we can deduct our school bus fees and its closer to my house.if anything happen,my mom can pick up me or my brother.
with that transferring school,i lost connection with my bestfriends.until know(last year at secondary school) i still don't see them anymore.
at the new school,i was a lonely kid.cause i don't have friend.i'm afraid to make one.actually,i'm afraid to greeted seated with some new kids at that time.for the first year,i survived the school without friend.then,i bacame introvert.the one that did not age 11,i entered 1st class and i seated with a kid name Shahreena.she and i have something in common.she likes comic,i like from that common,we became friends until secondary school.when i'm 12,i have to take an exam called UPSR.all 12 years old kids at Malaysian have to take that exam.i scored exceed from my target.i was very happy at that time.back from school,i told and show my mom the result shes very happy.she even called my grandmas to announce it.we celebrate it with my grandma,grandpa,uncles,unties and cousins.we have a big feast.

when i entered secondary school,i didn't have friends too.for the 1st month only,then,i successfully to socialise myself a bit with evreyone.not everyone.only the kids at my the years passed by, then i'm turn 15.same with UPSR,all 15 years old kids have to take an exam called PMR.we all study with our might in thinking to get a good grades in the result,i get slightly below from what i target.but thats okay,as long i didn't fail anything..same as the UPSR result,we celebrated it too.turning to 16 years old isn't that bad.i think thats why phrase 'Sweet 16' exist.i got new friend as i learn the mistakes from the past.i got to learn new things and explored new things.its fun.
when you turn 17 in Malaysian,one(or more)thing you have to worried about.especially SPM.yeah..SPM..its an important exam.i repeat..IMPORTANT..SPM is like your future hard and here comes good result.lazy to learn here come the dooms.basically,SPM is your door to after school world.thats what i'm taking this year and we(all SPM takers batch 2014)have 2 subjects that is compulsory to pass.there are Bahasa Melayu and,guys..wish me luck for this..

Ok..thats all for tonight.
thanks for reading this..
I appreciate it very much..
Annyeong guys..

Friday, 2 May 2014

Help Me With The Fancafe Things

Hii guys..
So long after the last update..
As usual,school thing..homework,extra curricular activity..Those things make suffering..

Anyway,do you guys know how to level up a fancafe account?
I just created an acc at B.A.P fancafe.Then I'm trying to level up..
There's instruction on their international fandom..You know..BYS fansite..
Then,they have a few question about B.A.P like trivia..and I answer it in Hangul..
Freaking Hangul..I couldn't understand what the fancafe talk about.
I'm trying to learn Hangul but slowly.I have so much thing to do beside learn Hangul.
I just learn to read Hangul.I can read but it can be super slowly..
Sad life of me..
Anyway,the instruction said click this button,that button,click those.I just click whatever I need to click..
It soo hard you know T_T
According to the instruction,after send those application I need to wait for 2 to 3 days.
And I wait for two days I think..they said if I level up to level 2,there's a sentence..
I don't know that sentence meaning.It's in Hangul.Again,I don't know Hangul that much.
So,I tried to searched where is thet sentence go..
I couldn't find it..
So,I decided to repeat the application where I have to answer in Hangul..

But then,it just cross my mind..'can I answer it in English instead Hangul?'

Guys,can I do that..?
Help me..Jeball
Feel free to comment down below..
Annyeong ^_^

Oh yeah,for those Malaysian that will take exam soon...
Especially Form 5..
Here's a quote for you..
For international reader too..
Never Give Up guys..

all the pictures credit to the owners..

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Buy me an album please T_T

Hiiii guys...
Long time no see..
Its been a while since I post the last update..
Being a student means you have to minus unnecessary things in your life..
Sad isn't it..but ehh,'I don't care,I love it'..haha

Sooo today,I'll write about EXO Overdose..
Why SM did not upload the MV yet?
Yeah,I know because the ferry incident they suspended it but until when?
I mean,they can upload it on 15th April or before that..
Now the fans are watching leaked video to calmed their self from waiting too long..
I'm watching it to but not the video,I watched lyrics video..not so often..
Then,just wait the official MV to release..*suffering*

Oh,I just ordered B.A.P First Sensibility..
I'm just gonna wait for a few weeks and then its all mine..muahahahaha
Did you know why I ordered know?
Cause I'm a fan with poor financial..
I mean come on,how much do you expect to come from student wallet?
Unless the student is rich or childs of rich parents..
So yeah,I have to wait a few weeks just to buy an album..
Sad life of a poor financial fangirl..

Alright guys,until now..Adios..
Feel free to comment down below..
Annyeong ^_^

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Off Topic..

So long since I update last time..

Today its a an off topic..
My grandfather passed away yesterday and it was very sad for me to accept it..
I mean it just been a few days since I met him and he was healthy..well not so healthy cause he had asthma that time..but still he can talk,make jokes with us..suddenly we got this shocking news..
God love him more..

Anyway,I'll update when 'tahlil' of my late grandfather has finish..
If you're a Muslim,you'll know what 'tahlil' is..

See you guys soon.. ^_^

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hey hey hey hey eeyyyyy guys..
How you guys doing?

Today I'll make a short update cause I have things to do..
Nae homework.The teacher are torturing us..So sad..but ehh,life must go on..

Have you guys watch BTS Just One Day?
I just watch it yesterday and I fell in love with it >_<
I mean,it so sweet and the melody..I'm melting when hear it.It so soothing and the last verse 'Can you please stay with me?'..aaarrrrggg..that is so sweet..

This is the video:
credit to:1theK(former LOEN MUSIC)

Oh yeah,did you guys watch EXO Overdose teaser?
Its awesome..'Igeon overdose'..
Even the leaked video are spreading,I still waiting for 15 April..
To EXO stan or EXO fan..DON'T WATCH THE LEAKED VIDEO..(Its a dance practice video.I read it somewhere).Support EXO..
Luckily SM are deleting the videos..
Good job SM..Good job ^_^

This is the teaser:
credit to:SMTOWN

credit to:SMTOWN

The awesomeness is OVERDOSE :D
Anyway,have a good time guys :)
Feel free to comment..

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dance mix Teakwondo=??!!!(Its AWESOME kay)

Aaaayyyyyyoooo guys..what's up?
Its been a few days since I post about the class thing..haha..

Today,I'll talk nothing cause I have no idea to talk about..
Its boriiiiiinnngggg..freaking boring..

Oh yeah,about yesterday night,I just saw EXO new comeback title track named 'Overdose'..
I was like 'REALLY.I just can't wait anymore.'
Like c'mon.We'll know the song on 15th April.It soooo looonngg to wait. T_T
Anyway,we just can't wait for it.EXO Hwaiting.. >o<

I just saw this video a few days ago and it was awesome.Not was.Forever awesome..
They are taekwondo kids doing dance cover.
In this video they did dance cover to BTS 'Boy In Luv'.You know this song right..?It so good to hear..
Oh,they are K Tiger Taekwondo Club.
For now,I just watched they did dance cover to EXO Growl,Taeyang Ringa Linga and BTS Boy In Luv..
Try to watch it.It awesome.Except EXO Growl..They're kinda have drama thing..Anyway,just watch it..

This is the video for BTS Boy In Luv dance cover by K Tigers..
credit to:K-Tigers TV

This one is Taeyang Ringa Linga
credit to:K-Tigers TV

And this is EXO Growl
credit to:HD Kpop Stage

And one more thing,they are super mega cute.. >_<
Ok guys,'Its time for goodbye'..haha..
Feel free to comment down below :)
Annyeong guys

Monday, 7 April 2014


Well,today is Monday and 1st day of school.
The teachers gave us sooooo many homework.
Maann..are they torturing us?
Okay..time for k-pop..

For today,I'll tell you about what happen in my school.
Today,engineering drawing student got some assignment to do and yaa..its really important.
So,we have to finished it by today.
And of course,we have short amount of time.So,we took time of the other subjects to finish it.
And,like usual.There will be student that take advantage of our assignment.They skipping class.
And some of the student doodling on the whiteboard.Then,I spot 'EXO'.Then,I like 'why they write EXO?' to my friend.Then,she asked me to erase it.
They even wrote 'KAI' and I was like 'what the hell?'
Not that I hate it but it felt like a shame cause they drew I don't know but I'm sure its porn.
I think its d**k.It sooo grosss...
And they drew it continuously..eerrrggghh..*sudden temper*
And at the same time(before they drew the 'thing') I felt relieve cause at least they knew k-pop other than Big Bang,SuJu,SNSD..

Sooo..what you guys think about it?

Oh more think..
I think I fell in love with SPEED.With their new song 'Don't Tease Me'.Like their choreo too.
But,I'll never change my love toward B.A.P & EXO.

SPEED-Don't Tease Me

credit to: coremidas

This is their dance practice.
They don't have MV for this.Actually,they have but its like a fancam cause they performing on stage.
But still,its awesome.

Ok guys,until next time.
Bye..Annyeong :)

Friday, 4 April 2014


Hello,this is my 1st time creating a blog so yaa..It may be awkward for me.
Anyway,I'm running this blog with my sister.Since she want it.
This blog will be commonly about k-pop.We are k-poppers.

Hope we can be friend.. :)

Soooo..since this blog is about k-pop,I'll introduce you guys about my bias.I mean me and my sister bias.
And our fav group..etc.Like I said,it will be mostly blog of k-pop.
My fav group is B.A.P ,EXO, BTS and other.There are soooo many group that I like...

This is B.A.P(who doesn't know them)

My bias is their leader,the cute gummy smile...YONG GUK..yeay
My sister bias is B.A.P brain...YOUNG JAE..yehet

Next is..EXO
My bias in EXO is their cute unicorn,LAY..
My sister bias is the deer of the group,LU HAN..

Soooo..this has come to the end..
Feel free to comment down below whose your bias.
I'll post about other group next time.
Until we meet again..