Friday, 30 May 2014

B.A.P Unplugged 2014/Promoting Giveaway..Again

Hi peeps..
Finally I'm having my school break..for 19 days..
But having school holidays doesn't mean i'm free fully.
We still have homeworks sad..
But meh..homework can wait.

Ok..I'm excited..OHMYGOSH...I'M FREAKING EXCITED...!!!!
AAAAAAA..their teaser is cute and their concept is just adorable.
Its like Crash+Stop It..
I just ordered and pay for it..
Now waiting for their MV and mini album to released..

Ok..I've told you before that I ordered First Sensibility.
and it has arrived safely last week..
I got Jong Up's photocard..
Sorry I can't show you guys the picture..
I've got it taken but I deleted it..
I've plan to unboxing it but since I've been busy with exams and school thing,I forgot about it..
But no worries,next time I get my B.A.P Unplugged 2014,I'll show it to you guys..

Once again I'm promoting the giveaway that I've entered..
I don't remember though the giveaway name but you guys can find it in my older posts.Not older,older posts..
My post before this post.. to go.
Feel free to comment down below..
Oh..I inserted B.A.P Unplugged 2014 teaser.
The title is 어디니?뭐하니? meaning Where Are You?What Are You Doing?
You'll be spazzing over them.They're so cute right here..
Annyeong guys..  ^_^

credit to:TSENT2008

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