Sunday, 25 May 2014

Promoting Giveaway

Hi guys..

Previous post is about Infinite Giveaway hold by Fiqa NSZ..
and today I want to promote just have go to my blog and click this title:

Infinite Last Romeo Giveaway by Fiqa Nsz

then,on the post it have the link to go to the giveaway page.just click it and there..
the winner is count based on which blog has top referal..
I hope I can win cause I never win a giveaway..I really want the album but you know what is my currently status right..'STUDENT'.
sooo..yeah.I really hope I can win.
if not then its okay..

ohh..I just found out this today..
I was watching tv then it show a mv.but I don't know whose mv it is and the title song..
sooo,I waited until the song finish and the title appeared..
I google up his song and it was sweet and at the same time sad.
the song is about he/she left his couples and his/her miss and try to searching he/she but apparently,he/she is gone.whether 'gone' died or 'gone' to somewhere else..
the song is amazing and I'm addict to it..
the title is A Song For You..

here is the mv:
credit to:United CUBE

Okay peeps..bye
Annyeong guys..

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