Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Buy me an album please T_T

Hiiii guys...
Long time no see..
Its been a while since I post the last update..
Being a student means you have to minus unnecessary things in your life..
Sad isn't it..but ehh,'I don't care,I love it'..haha

Sooo today,I'll write about EXO Overdose..
Why SM did not upload the MV yet?
Yeah,I know because the ferry incident they suspended it but until when?
I mean,they can upload it on 15th April or before that..
Now the fans are watching leaked video to calmed their self from waiting too long..
I'm watching it to but not the video,I watched lyrics video..not so often..
Then,just wait the official MV to release..*suffering*

Oh,I just ordered B.A.P First Sensibility..
I'm just gonna wait for a few weeks and then its all mine..muahahahaha
Did you know why I ordered know?
Cause I'm a fan with poor financial..
I mean come on,how much do you expect to come from student wallet?
Unless the student is rich or childs of rich parents..
So yeah,I have to wait a few weeks just to buy an album..
Sad life of a poor financial fangirl..

Alright guys,until now..Adios..
Feel free to comment down below..
Annyeong ^_^

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Off Topic..

So long since I update last time..

Today its a an off topic..
My grandfather passed away yesterday and it was very sad for me to accept it..
I mean it just been a few days since I met him and he was healthy..well not so healthy cause he had asthma that time..but still he can talk,make jokes with us..suddenly we got this shocking news..
God love him more..

Anyway,I'll update when 'tahlil' of my late grandfather has finish..
If you're a Muslim,you'll know what 'tahlil' is..

See you guys soon.. ^_^

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hey hey hey hey eeyyyyy guys..
How you guys doing?

Today I'll make a short update cause I have things to do..
Nae homework.The teacher are torturing us..So sad..but ehh,life must go on..

Have you guys watch BTS Just One Day?
I just watch it yesterday and I fell in love with it >_<
I mean,it so sweet and the melody..I'm melting when hear it.It so soothing and the last verse 'Can you please stay with me?'..aaarrrrggg..that is so sweet..

This is the video:
credit to:1theK(former LOEN MUSIC)

Oh yeah,did you guys watch EXO Overdose teaser?
Its awesome..'Igeon overdose'..
Even the leaked video are spreading,I still waiting for 15 April..
To EXO stan or EXO fan..DON'T WATCH THE LEAKED VIDEO..(Its a dance practice video.I read it somewhere).Support EXO..
Luckily SM are deleting the videos..
Good job SM..Good job ^_^

This is the teaser:
credit to:SMTOWN

credit to:SMTOWN

The awesomeness is OVERDOSE :D
Anyway,have a good time guys :)
Feel free to comment..

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dance mix Teakwondo=??!!!(Its AWESOME kay)

Aaaayyyyyyoooo guys..what's up?
Its been a few days since I post about the class thing..haha..

Today,I'll talk nothing cause I have no idea to talk about..
Its boriiiiiinnngggg..freaking boring..

Oh yeah,about yesterday night,I just saw EXO new comeback title track named 'Overdose'..
I was like 'REALLY.I just can't wait anymore.'
Like c'mon.We'll know the song on 15th April.It soooo looonngg to wait. T_T
Anyway,we just can't wait for it.EXO Hwaiting.. >o<

I just saw this video a few days ago and it was awesome.Not was.Forever awesome..
They are taekwondo kids doing dance cover.
In this video they did dance cover to BTS 'Boy In Luv'.You know this song right..?It so good to hear..
Oh,they are K Tiger Taekwondo Club.
For now,I just watched they did dance cover to EXO Growl,Taeyang Ringa Linga and BTS Boy In Luv..
Try to watch it.It awesome.Except EXO Growl..They're kinda have drama thing..Anyway,just watch it..

This is the video for BTS Boy In Luv dance cover by K Tigers..
credit to:K-Tigers TV

This one is Taeyang Ringa Linga
credit to:K-Tigers TV

And this is EXO Growl
credit to:HD Kpop Stage

And one more thing,they are super mega cute.. >_<
Ok guys,'Its time for goodbye'..haha..
Feel free to comment down below :)
Annyeong guys

Monday, 7 April 2014


Well,today is Monday and 1st day of school.
The teachers gave us sooooo many homework.
Maann..are they torturing us?
Okay..time for k-pop..

For today,I'll tell you about what happen in my school.
Today,engineering drawing student got some assignment to do and yaa..its really important.
So,we have to finished it by today.
And of course,we have short amount of time.So,we took time of the other subjects to finish it.
And,like usual.There will be student that take advantage of our assignment.They skipping class.
And some of the student doodling on the whiteboard.Then,I spot 'EXO'.Then,I like 'why they write EXO?' to my friend.Then,she asked me to erase it.
They even wrote 'KAI' and I was like 'what the hell?'
Not that I hate it but it felt like a shame cause they drew I don't know but I'm sure its porn.
I think its d**k.It sooo grosss...
And they drew it continuously..eerrrggghh..*sudden temper*
And at the same time(before they drew the 'thing') I felt relieve cause at least they knew k-pop other than Big Bang,SuJu,SNSD..

Sooo..what you guys think about it?

Oh more think..
I think I fell in love with SPEED.With their new song 'Don't Tease Me'.Like their choreo too.
But,I'll never change my love toward B.A.P & EXO.

SPEED-Don't Tease Me

credit to: coremidas

This is their dance practice.
They don't have MV for this.Actually,they have but its like a fancam cause they performing on stage.
But still,its awesome.

Ok guys,until next time.
Bye..Annyeong :)

Friday, 4 April 2014


Hello,this is my 1st time creating a blog so yaa..It may be awkward for me.
Anyway,I'm running this blog with my sister.Since she want it.
This blog will be commonly about k-pop.We are k-poppers.

Hope we can be friend.. :)

Soooo..since this blog is about k-pop,I'll introduce you guys about my bias.I mean me and my sister bias.
And our fav group..etc.Like I said,it will be mostly blog of k-pop.
My fav group is B.A.P ,EXO, BTS and other.There are soooo many group that I like...

This is B.A.P(who doesn't know them)

My bias is their leader,the cute gummy smile...YONG GUK..yeay
My sister bias is B.A.P brain...YOUNG JAE..yehet

Next is..EXO
My bias in EXO is their cute unicorn,LAY..
My sister bias is the deer of the group,LU HAN..

Soooo..this has come to the end..
Feel free to comment down below whose your bias.
I'll post about other group next time.
Until we meet again..