Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Posting after idk..a few months...Ramadhan is here,EID is coming..WOOOHOOO...

Hiiiiii guuuuuyyysssss...
Long time no see..I miss u guys..
I've been busy all this times and have no time to update..
Furthermore,my trials is coming and I have to work my ass out for it...
Wish me goodlucks guys ^_^

Anyway,since I don't update a long time,I got many activities at school..
Last week,I went to Taylors College.Theres Add Math and Chemistry workshop.Its fun..although I didn't understand wholefully what the lecturer spoke...

And..my album didn't arrive yet.
The owner shop said she didn't get news from the supplier regarding the album but she post that she'll order the albums from the other supplier..
Hopefully my album will arrive within next month..

Ok..got to go..
I need to be a responsible child..means that I'm going to help my mother.
You guys should help too..
Ooohhh...for the Muslims..Happy fasting month..
I know its late already but still,I want to wish it..
And..happy advance eid..
In case I can't wish it on times..cause my trials is after eid holidays...

Ok guys..bye..
If I got some time,I'll write again..
Sorry for not writing about kpop stuff..
Annyeong guys..

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