Friday, 12 September 2014


Hiiii guys...long time no see you guys..
Waaa....its been a long time since the last update..
Well,blame the trial and the high expectation of teacher.
We worked really hard..except me...
I didn't take the trial serious... guys already know about EunBi and RiSe right...
Its a shocked news and felt sympathy for Ladies Code and their fans..
At first i was speechless cause they so young and they just debut,just show the world their talents..
I not a fan of LC but i like some of their song like Pretty Pretty..

From what i heard and read,the back wheel of the van comes off and the van was spinning on middle of the road.then it crashed to the wall.i've seen the picture of the van after the accident.the condition is like something big and heavy crushed on it..they also said that EunBi didn't wear seatbelt that time and that causing her sudden death..also,a rumor that i read..the accident is plotted by sasaeng fan..and the sasaeng fan planned to kill SeHun on 2015..i read it i really really hope that nothing bad happen to them..

Ok guys..need to go..
I know it ia a short update..but better than nothing right..
So yeah..fell free to comment down below. more thing..
May God bless you two...BFF do exist..
Annyeong guys...