Monday, 13 October 2014

EXO's Lu Han withdrawal from EXO

Hiiii guys...long time no see..
I've been so busy..and the trial has ended..My results..
I just want to forget it..

I'm here today cause its been few days...i guess..since EXO's Lu Han news to withdraw from EXO has been spread.
Its really a shocking news cause i didn't expect someone to go out from EXO or SM after Kris..but i think that Lu Han's withdraw is not hurtful than Kris.And i think the fans can take the news calmly as they have experienced Kris's case.
I really hope that good news will come after that.Furthermore,i just read news aboput Lee Joon and Thunder(CheonDoong) from MBLAQ..they planning to withdraw from MBLAQ.Lee Joon and Thunder are discussing about it with their agency..
Reasons why they want to withdraw is Lee Joon's contract end soon and he didn't plan to renew it.He want to continue his career as actor since he likes it.While Thunder,he want to be a solo singer,sings the songs he compose..
Well..i think they did that cause they want to do their own thing.Like Kris,he wants to act and he didn't get chance to did that as SM doesn't allow that.When he out from EXO,he get the chance to act..IN A MOVIES..for the first time he acts and i know he loves it..
I really wish that they all can live a good life and didn't regret what they do..i'll always root forthem..

Ok to go..
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