Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ranting on Infinite Back MV

Hi guys..
We meet again...
This is a short update..but that's okay.Holiday will coming soon..YEAY...

On this post,I'll rant about Infinite new MV,Back..
In this MV,Infinite boys were fighting with a gang for their girl..
This remind me of Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers scene where Jun Pyo saved Jan Di when she was kidnapped by Jae Ha.
Jun Pyo take all the punches and kicks that were throw to him for saving Jan Di.Its kinda same with the MV but what's different is the girl didn't do anything.Just struggling from the thugs holding while Jan Di save Jun Pyo from being throw with a wooden chair...
I'm not hating the girl for not doing anything to help Infinite boys but it just weird..
I don't know why that be an issue..maybe I was rewatching BOF while watching the MV..

Anyways,Block B comeback is coming soon..WOOOHOOO...
I'm not a big fan of them.Just feeling so excited about it...

Ok..this is the  Infinite Back MV
credit to:wooliment

Oh,I was told that Disney copy Infinite song title Come Back Again..Disney song title is Violetta 3 CD "Gira mi cancion 10"-queen of the dance floor
In order to help Woolim Ent and Infinite,please comment about the plagiarism and spread about it..

Ok guys,time to go..
Feel free to comment down below.. ^_^
Annyeong guys..until we meet again..and Selamat Hari Raya..

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