Tuesday, 10 June 2014

B.A.P 어디니 뭐하니 & Beast No More

Annyeong guys..
Long time no see..

Ok..I already know that I'm late for this but what can I do..
Finally B.A.P 어디니 뭐하니 MV has released..yeay..
Yeah yeah,I know I'm late.
Its because I was spending my time last week at my grandma house.
Theres computer there but it already broken.
So,I can't update for the whole week plus events that I'm attending..such a busy week..

And Beast just released No More MV..
Its awesome and I think the lyrics are ok..since I've not see the lyrics yet..

Sooo,here those MVs..

B.A.P 어디니 뭐하니
credit to:TSENT2008

Beast No More
credit to:BEAST 비스트(Official Youtube Channel)

Sigh..can they be more cute?
Haha..just kidding..

Ok guy,need to go..
Feel free to comment.
Annyeong ^_^

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